Custom Water Bottle Labels

Clear and Fresh Water wants to make your company’s fresh-water-mission loud and clear. So how do we do that? By offering custom labels for you to make a lasting impression on your customers or clients at any event. Trade shows, company outings, receptions? You name it, we do it. A custom water bottle label from Clear and Fresh Water is a full 4-color, waterproof label that is also photo capable. Our team provides design and graphics support, ensuring your crisp and vibrant labels make a statement. 

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Here are our top three reasons why you should choose customized bottled water:

Not only will your bottled water stand out but your mission for safe drinking water will attract attention as well. Nothing says you care about the people you value more than your intention to fuel their bodies in the healthiest way that you can! For this reason, Clear and Fresh Water offers custom water bottle labels that are a functional, attention-grabbing way to promote your business while adding a health-focused, personalized touch.

Marketing Opportunities

A lot of companies offer their clients and guests bottled water before the beginning of a meeting or when meeting at a trade show. Water is a comfort and it is an essential life. This interaction is a great way to promote your business and stand out from your competition. While other companies rely on a generic water bottle or brochure to make an impression, you can make a lasting impression with your clients and guests by gifting them a bottle or water with a colorful label that displays your company logo and slogan.

Personalized Touch at Parties

A custom labeled water bottle doesn’t solely belong in a boardroom, in fact they make wonderful additions to weddings, showers or birthday parties, too! Add the element of personalization to complement the decor, while leaving your guests feeling touched by a practical and personalized gift supports both the celebration and your budget.

Choose Water over Sugary Soft Drinks

Encourage healthy living by offering custom label water bottles. Whatever the event, your options are limitless. Add photos, school slogans, company logos or fun facts about the benefits or drinking clean water to those individuals that may otherwise be swayed to drink sugary beverages. School events or sporting events can greatly benefit from having custom labels, encouraging both kids and adults alike to choose water.

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